Self-Care Habits For your Daily Routine.

1. Go outside first thing in the morning

Getting sunshine in the morning can help balance your body’s internal clock and make it easier to fall asleep at night, according toΒ I go for a walk in the afternoon almost every day, but I’ve recently started walking in the morning a few days a week (check out my reel on InstagramΒ hereΒ to see my current morning routine).

As winter approaches, it is getting colder and it’s usually raining (good ol’ Seattle for you). Because of that, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep up this habit of going outside first thing.

I’ve been thinking about getting aΒ light therapy lampΒ to help with that. If you’ve had any success with those, leave a comment and let me know!

2. Follow a work-start ritual

Something I learned fromΒ Atomic HabitsΒ is that the easiest way to get into a habit is to make the first two minutes easy. I try to start my workday by writing, but that often feels daunting as the first step in my routine. What’s easy is making a cup of tea, lighting a candle, and putting on a calm playlist.

The first two minutes of my ritual signal that it’s time to start writing. No matter how hard the writing actually is (it’s often not as hard as I make it out to be), the work-start ritual is easy and calming.Β 

3. Avoid caffeine after 10 am

Did you know it can take 5-6 hours for half of the caffeine you consume to leave your system? That means if you drink a cup of coffee at 1 pm, it’s probably still going to be in your system if you try to go to sleep at 10 pm. These days, I’ve been drinking green tea with breakfast and then having a cup of English breakfast tea around 9:45 am. I pretty much only drink caffeine-free tea after that.

4. Keep work and life spaces separate

It’s been really tempting to work from the couch when I’m at home all day, but it wreaks havoc on my back. Because of that, I’ve made sure I start my workday from my desk. If I want to move to the couch later in the day, that’s fine, but my new rule is that I can’t start the day from the couch.

5. Wind-down without screens an hour before bed

A habit I’ve implemented after reading the bookΒ The Power of WhenΒ is creating a wind-down ritual at 10:30 pm. I *try* to spend the last hour without screens, but it usually turns into the last 30 minutes before bed.

Author Michael Breus recommends spending the first 20 minutes of your wind-down routine getting ready for tomorrow, the next 20 minutes for hygiene habits like brushing your teeth, and the last 20 minutes for a calming habit like reading, stretching, or meditating. This structure is something I often forget to do, but I like the breakdown of the wind-down hour so I thought I’d share it.


What are your daily self-care habits?

I hope this post has given you some ideas for adding some calm self-care habits into your routine. I encourage you to find comfort in your habits and try to stay consistent even when it feels tough.

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