Cleanse For (New) Season

“As a Season Change, so do we, May be we aware we are shifting- just like the wind”


  • Research local Seasonal vegetables & fruits.
  • Ease into seasonal sleep patterns & daylight Shifts.
  • Cook a Beautiful Plant-based meal
  • Embrace seasonal activities for natural movement
  • Practice deep breating when rising and before sleep.
  • Do a full body check-in and notice where tension is being held release.


  • Journal Regularly and creat seasonal affirmations.
  • Do a social media cleanse Unfollow and mute.
  • Create a seasonal playlist.
  • write a seasonal bucket-list of activities to bring joy.
  • Using sensory details, list youre top 10 favorite aspects of the current season
  • make a seasonal book list and borrow from the local library.
  • speak to your self with kindness.


  • Deep clean living space to release stagnat energy.
  • Declutter & Release un-used object with gratitude.
  • Bring natural seasonal scents into living spaces.
  • Organize for clarity & Calm (Closet,Drawers,etc)
  • Take note of Where and when natural seasonal light enters your space
  • store away any past seasonal decor in a beautiful and organized manner.


  • Check in with your self often through seasonal shifts.
  • Celebrate Daily wins.
  • Honor needs for the rest, affirmation, Softness & play.
  • Plan times to connect with your community in real-life away from a screen.
  • Write a Letter for your self ten years ago, Next write another to yourself ten years from now.
  • Pay for a strager’s coffee.
  • Leave a Post-it with encourangement on a park bench.


  • This Season, I want to feel….
  • This season, I am Actively Manifesting….
  • Things, Ideas, And Stories I’m Ready to put down this season include….
  • What do i need to pick up or shift this season to be my most honest self?
  • What desires are arising in me in this current season of life?
  • What do i want to make more time for? What daily Shifts might i have to make to create this time?
  • What parts of you or stories within you are asking in to be seen and known during this season?
  • Where do i fully trust myself in this season of life? where am i doubting myself?
  • What narratives that i tell myself am i ready to re-write this season?

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